Keys to Courage

Keys to CourageKeys To Courage™ is a bystander intervention training, targeting affinity groups such as Athletes and Greek life for the purpose of increasing active bystander behavior and courageous acts of intolerance to the problem of sexual and physical assault.

It is the first and only bystander prevention program designed to address the unique cultural history of Black Greek Letter Organizations, athletes, and other students participating in registered student organizations.

The Research:

One in Five females experience attempted or completed sexual assault during their college years.

Male student athletes make up 3.3% of the population, yet they represent 19% of sexual assault and 35% domestic violence assault perpetrators.

Keys to Courage™ is designed to support colleges to meet new NCAA Sexual Assault Awareness Education requirements.

All sessions are customizable and contain the following:

Pre and Post quizzes on bystander efficacy

Live interactive audience participation

Case studies

Testimonials from a campus sexual assault victim

Facilitated activities with former collegiate athlete or Greek life member